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Miz is a Japanese photographer who shoot for commercial, corporate, editorial, weddings, portrait and this is a blog of his daily work.

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Comfort TVC - Making of

These shots are from the last year, I was committed to taking photos of the making of the TVC from the production. It was 3 days shoot around Queenstown, all scenes were created by colourful flowers with the nice scent of the product.

The talents are from two countries, Miss Universe Vietnam and Pop star Bunga from Indonesia, these two talents act exactly the same, making the same TVC for each country with different languages. Nice.

NZ House and Garden March Issue 2017

The shooting was so excited, It was the first time for me to shoot the front cover for the NZ House & Garden magazine. The Art Director Richard and I were adjusting the set props and the camera very very carefully. Literally inch by inch or even a half or a quarter. 

The legs of the tripod put on the camera Canon 5DS were in the water because of the pond location, tethered to MBP15 using Lightroom.

wet feet