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Miz is a Japanese photographer who shoot for commercial, corporate, editorial, weddings, portrait and this is a blog of his daily work.

Shooting + Fishing + Filming

Shimano Fishing Gear - Stella

The flagship model of Shimano fishing reel - Stella debut - It’s a big advertising campaign.

I was committed to shoot the main images in the catalog. The client was from Japan, though the catalog will be published in the worldwide.
At the same time, the promotional footage was shot by a crew from Japan.

So I started to coordinate the job. Did researching and applied for the permits of locations and booked an accommodation and vehicles for the staff.

Luckily we got a nice look model, Sam from Wanaka who is a real fishing guide and born and bred in Glenorchy where the main filming location for this job.

Well…I know what a fishing like, it’s a patient, but filming the fishing is a challenge of patient and stamina. Sam must have a kind of a pressure, because without hit scenes we couldn’t shoot any footage. So he walked around so fast in the river, all of us were following him with camera equipment and wearing heavy wet wader in hot summer. It must helped a lot for my exercise. moved quickly and walked so long. 

In that condition, I had to shoot some illustrative photos for the catalog, I had a pressure as an advertising photographer too, it excited me!

Eventually Sam caught some good size trout and all of us had a happy end. Thanks Sam!

The lunch at the river bank wasn’t a smoked trout because we need to keep trout alive for the job in the future!