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Miz is a Japanese photographer who shoot for commercial, corporate, editorial, weddings, portrait and this is a blog of his daily work.

Like kids

Introducing staff members is necessary for a popular shop in town. 
It's a natural thing that people want to buy things from a shop where nice friendly people work.

Here is the members of Rockies - Kids Clothing shop in Queenstown.
The shop owner, Shirley asked me to capture her shop members to show their characters in a fun scene, like kids always love to do.

Very talented staff posed for individual shot with their choice of goods. It was a fun time!
The ring flash lighting was the best choice for the theme. It enhances the 'fun' feeling.

Add to that, I do care about shooting time also, finishing all the shots in one hour should have helped for the busy shop. 

My photo shooting theory for businesses is "Less impact to the business and give a big impact to the audience."